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New Dry-sump drive system

Posted: February 23rd, 2007, 4:26 pm
by Guy Croft
A couple of shots of the final GC pre-production prototype 2/3 stage Titan dry-sump pump bracket and drive system (with tensioner). This one is on a 1600TC Fiat with Volumex blower, hence the strut to the blower mounting.

The rear stage of this 2 stage pump scavenges the dry-sump pan and feeds the oil to a remote reservoir where it is de-aerated. The front stage draws it back and pumps it thru a remote filter and into the feed gallery on the bracket. The pump is driven off the auxiliary driveshaft pulley, which I rate as being fine if the engine is using a 1" cam belt. On the early TC with trapezoidal cam belt tooth form (square) I'd be reluctant to do that with the standard 3/4" belt - although I have seen it done.