Loss of oil viscosity due to overfuelling

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Loss of oil viscosity due to overfuelling

Post by Guy Croft » September 8th, 2006, 11:19 am

Talking to the Retail Product Manager of Millers Oils for whom I am now a competition agent, he told me an interesting thing.

Millers recently did some sample tests with their 10W/60 fully synthetic race oil in a Subaru race car with 400 bhp or so. Competition engines should run rich for power, but turbocharged engines are frequently setup (rightly or wrongly!) very rich, in the hope of keeping them cool.

The new oil was degraded from a 60 viscosity to a 30 viscosity by fuel contamination after one event.

Now of course the gasoline will boil off eventually and the oil will recover its viscosity; that is if the engine doesn't suffer turbocharger or big-end bearing failure in the meantime. Makes you think, doesn't it?



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