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Re: Megasquirt fuel injection

Post by Walezy » June 11th, 2008, 10:48 pm

I just wanted to show how I was able to set up fuelling and ignition on Fiat Cinquecento with 1,2 16v engine from Fiat Punto. The engine has motorcycle throttle bodies installed, some fast road camshafts, ported head and slightly rised compression ratio. I have not built the engine so I do not know exact specification.
The engine was dynoed before installing Megasquirt EFI ( MS1 v.3.0 board) and it was using standard EFI with a custom chip made by some company from Poland.
I have set up the fuelling using Alpha N algorithm and the results seem to be very good as it pulls nicely from 1500rpm to the rev limiter which is set at 7600RPM.
The ignition is made exactly the same way as in my Fiat 131 16v and it is coil on plug from Audi/VW.
As can be seen from the dyno plot the power should be a bit higher if i set the rev limiter at about 8000RPM but we are a bit afraid about the valvetrain as it still uses hydraulic lifters.
On dyno plot the higher curve is Megasquirt. Peak power is 118HP and peak torque is 127Nm. We will change the cams next week to something wilder and then I will make a new dyno run.

It took me 3 days to make a good wiring loom and about 3 days of setting up the fuelling and ignition.
Fiat cc maxi Megasquirt.JPG
Dyno plot of Fiat cc maxi with 1,2 16v engine
Fiat cc maxi Megasquirt.JPG (89.33 KiB) Viewed 8100 times

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