Wide Sump Oilpump for my Fiat Abarth 124 Rally

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Wide Sump Oilpump for my Fiat Abarth 124 Rally

Post by Erik Bredius » April 3rd, 2014, 11:51 pm

I read GC's call for Fiat oilpumps on FB and thought: "wow, I've to sort mine too for my 2ltr GC-engine!" because both my 2ltr oilpumps have broken suction pipes (due to trafic bumps).
I also have two small pumps (with 30mm gears instead off 40mm for the 2ltr) but those are not an option (and won't fit the 2ltr crankcase either). Placing that suction pipe alone onto the 2ltr pump is impossible because one M6 holding the pipe-cover is placed 5mm offset. I thougth about welding a new boss and drill that hole offset but its close to the relief valve and you don't want to take any risk of jamming that! Welding one of the two broken suction pipes was also no option for the same reason. So now what?

I'm building the CG engine from what was original a frontwheel drive 130TC engine. The oilpump itself is the same as the 2ltr and has the same bolt-patern but the bottom end is completely different and that won't fit the sump of a frontwheel drive (and if it would fit it will definitely suck air under braking!).

Luckely the 130TC pipe is bolted to the bottom cover so you can weld it into a different shape without any risk of distroying the relief-valve setting! For the RWD the pick-up needs to be much closer to the pump and by cutting the pipe, due to its shape, the pick-up also moves a little upwards but that was exactly what I needed for my wide sump conversion!

I bolted the pump to a old crankcase to cut it to the right size, put some markings where the center of the original pick-up is positioned and cut the pipe. Actually I cut it 3x before it was on the right spot... And finally I grinded the contact surface with a simple block-grinder to finetune the position in horizontal position. For those who are interested: the bottom of the pick-up is 118mm above the bottom gasket plane of the crankcase. You have minor means to change that, depending on where you cut.

To be sure the pump does not suck air I checked with Penetrant (very thin red oil on one side and chalk paint on the other side). I also grinded the innerside a little (like porting a head) to take away the sharp edges because the diameter changes into ellipsis due to the different angles where you cut.

I have an original Abarth Works wide sump on my 124 Rally Abarth but that does not fit the 2ltr. crankcase . I plan on making a replica to fit my GC-engine. I'll post some pictures when that's done.
20140404_5 (600 x 400).jpg
cutting the suction pipe of the 130TC
20140404_5 (600 x 400).jpg (68.89 KiB) Viewed 5290 times
20140404_15 (600 x 400).jpg
top view
20140404_15 (600 x 400).jpg (47.81 KiB) Viewed 5290 times
20140404_12 (600 x 400).jpg
front view
20140404_12 (600 x 400).jpg (38.36 KiB) Viewed 5290 times
20140404_14 (600 x 400).jpg
side view
20140404_14 (600 x 400).jpg (59.6 KiB) Viewed 5290 times
20140404_9 (600 x 400).jpg
Checking with penetrant
20140404_9 (600 x 400).jpg (45.67 KiB) Viewed 5289 times

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