Fiat 1800 TC Crank, Rods info?

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Fiat 1800 TC Crank, Rods info?

Post by zdrafko51 » November 21st, 2013, 5:37 pm

Hello all! My firs post.
I am considering to tune 1800 TC, therefore I'm interested in few informations before I make a decision which engine to go for. Reading this forum I found a lot information about 2L cranks and rods but not so many about 1.8L.

My primary concerns are:
1. Regrinding and lightening of crankshaft, material of crankshaft, is it nitrided , its ability for safe revving up to 9000 rpm?
2. OEM connecting rods lightening, ability for safe revving up to 9000 rpm?

Or, can I simply apply all the data from 2L engines?

The engine I'm aiming for is from 132/Argenta or Tipo/Tempra. Most likely from 132 since it should be fitted in RWD car.

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Re: Fiat 1800 TC Crank, Rods info?

Post by zdrafko51 » November 28th, 2013, 8:49 am

Or maybe someone can share some experience about tuning 1.8L engine. What were the results?
I'm not asking about details and instructions.

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Re: Fiat 1800 TC Crank, Rods info?

Post by FiatRally » June 10th, 2014, 9:04 am

Hello from Cape Town, South Africa.

The 1800 is the same as the 2000. The block is shorter and the conrods as well.
The pistons are the same, 84mm.

I prefer to use the 1800 block as the stroke is shorter and revs better. The 2000 is a long stroke motor and gives very nice torque.
The 1800 is a bit less but can be tuned just as well as the 2000.

The 132/Argenta head is nice to tune. Just be careful not to do to much and loose airspeed through the inlet ports.
43mm Inlet valves, machining the inlets and valve seats to Guy's specifications is a winner!

Make sure that the dome in the head does not have any sharp edges!! Especially if you are going to run very high compression.
The RPM you want to run will need a lot of precise engineering.

I prefer to not make the exhaust ports to big as the Fiat head flows very nicely. I use the exhaust gasket as a template and work back towards the valve seat.
Trying to create the straightest line and as little taper as possible. The bottom of the port or floor area is extremely important here and you must be careful!
Don't go to deep!!

The block does not have much work. Making sure all is clean is probably the most important. Especially the oil ways.
The crank is the big job. Make sure to get its oil ways unplugged and cleaned as per instructions found on this website.
I use aluminium plugs to plug the oil ways afterwards. Then get it checked for journal sizes and alignment.
I have had cranks that were not true!!

Conrods is a problem at the high RPM. Good forged conrods is a must in an engine that will rev at high rpm.
Especially if the revs will rise and fall quickly.
1800 Forged Conrods are not easy to find!! Make sure they are good quality from a good supplier.
And the bolts on the big ends are extremely important.

All 2000 tuning can be applied to the 1800, as the engines are basically the same!

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum!


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