Checking a Fiat 131 Volumetrico/VX before buying

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Checking a Fiat 131 Volumetrico/VX before buying

Post by shermanTC » February 5th, 2019, 1:07 am

Good morning
I m going to get a friend to look at a couple of possible purchases - where they don't speak English
Aside from driving the car, it was mentioned to me that spinning the Supercharger with the belt removed was a reasonable thing to see how freely the shaft turns in either direction
Explaining that we want to do this to the Vendor in another language is not in my BBC language course or Berlitz

Could any member with either a production 3/4 belt VX or Volumatico explain to me that -in a forecourt/ garage situation - whether it a fairly easy process relieve the tensioner enough ( by hand or with minimal tools ) to slip the belt of, check for free spinning rotor then put back
I think in a Volumatico the access is relatively easy but not so sure in a transverse e.g Beta Coupe vx

Ideally a short video on the phone sent to me would save 1000 words to the vendor and save them a coronary- many thanks
GC approved

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Re: Checking a Fiat 131 Volumetrico/VX before buying

Post by Guy Croft » February 5th, 2019, 12:15 pm


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