Painting cast iron blocks

Crank, rods, sealing, pistons, block, flywheel etc
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Painting cast iron blocks

Post by Guy Croft » July 13th, 2006, 7:09 pm

and now a word from my sponsor....!

This is a very good paint for blocks, durable, easily capable of withstanding block temperatures, you don't need 'engine paint'. In fact you can use Dulux if you want to, but this is better.

Keep a cloth handy wetted with cellulose thinners to wipe machined faces clean, don't put much if any on engine mounting points etc. Only the back and front are painted, not the ends where there are things like seal housings and tensioner.

I usually go right back to bare metal with decarbonising fluid, Jizer, hot wash, brake cleaner etc paint stripper, wire brushes. Nobody wants a 'doggy' block from GCRE. It's therapeutic, anyhow, standing there for an hour painting, helps me relax..
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Fiat X19 1500 block I am preparing for a big valve race unit.
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