URGENT race suspension for Strada 130TC needed

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Guy Croft
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URGENT race suspension for Strada 130TC needed

Post by Guy Croft » August 15th, 2013, 10:50 am

I have a client in Ireland who is after race front and rear suspension for a Strada 130 (may be a Ritmo 125 I think it's the same).

Can anyone give me a good, reliable lead please? I know about Spax, Leda, AVO.

Hoping to find something which is proven and available swiftly. New or good used?

Help much appreciated. Many folk call me almost in despair because they cannot find anything like this.


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Re: URGENT race suspension for Strada 130TC needed

Post by Walezy » August 15th, 2013, 8:27 pm

You can make your own shocks using Bilstein B6 strut inserts quite easy. Better but much more expensive will be to use Proflex shocks. I use them in my Fiat 131 and it is huge difference compared to Bilsteins but Proflex is 3-way adjustable so it needs to be set up properly.

Abarthnorway - Remi L
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Re: URGENT race suspension for Strada 130TC needed

Post by Abarthnorway - Remi L » August 20th, 2013, 9:56 am


Tough one - at least off the shelf.

Ritmo series 1 (125) has different spring diameter compared to series2 (130tc) that use progressive springs at the front.....
Ritmo shock absorbers differ in length and camber depending on model.

The only off the shelf Shock absorber kit that might suit I can think of is OSRAV Sport(italian) - they are adjustable in and out. Make sure they are for series 1 non Abarth, as the spring selection is bigger(same diameter as 127/128/x1/9), and the different lower mounting gives 1,5 deg more positive camber at the front when fitted to a 130/125.

There are several mix'n match options using parts from different Fiat models, but its probably the safest and easiest bet to go for a custom coilover solution from the start.

More info by PM/mail if needed.


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