Coil Springs Suspension

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Coil Springs Suspension

Post by FiatRally » March 4th, 2013, 7:25 pm

I need as much information on Standard and Race coil springs for the Fiat 131 2000R.

My car is fitted with the standard solid rear diff. I am told it is a Borg Warner, but this might be wrong?

I am looking for specifications for front and rear standard coil springs.

Information that I got is:

Overall Length: 501mm
Outer Diameter: 122mm
Material Thickness: 11.25 - 11.75mm
Spring Rate: 275kg

Overall Length: 452mm
Outer Diameter: 128mm
Material Thickness: 12.75 - 13.25mm
Spring Rate: 175kg

These figures do not look right to me and my cars coils are cut and changed. They are beyond repair!

Can anybody tell me the amount of turns on a standard spring front and back please.

Also if anybody is using their car for track racing and have any information on a good spring setup and specifications it would help. Thanking you!


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