Guidelines for posting in GC Q&A

Competition engines and 'live' projects only. Good photos to illustrate your post are expected.
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Guidelines for posting in GC Q&A

Post by Guy Croft » March 21st, 2007, 9:15 am

Thank you for reading this.

GC Q&A is first and foremost where you can ask me how I do things. I may not be the only one who knows - and there is nothing to stop any member posting a response in GC Q&A! I will quote from my own direct experience or from traceable sources personally known to me only. If I don't know the answer I will say so. So you - as a rule - get a solution that I believe in.

Do please remember that the topics posted in GC Q&A are not just read by you and me - they are read very widely by others. And, I might add, a lot of people who are NOT site members who might be thinking of joining. People read because they want to learn and if your post is a brief one-liner with not photos no-one is going to be interested and it will degrade the whole section. Guests will not become members if they think the site has no interest value.

You must give enough detail about your engine to guide me and also to 'paint a picture' for other readers. Engine data and setup info needs to be in form of 'bullet-point' notes like a factory manual, not long-winded paragraphs. Complicated text cluttered up with engine type/code numbers and abbreviations etc without any decent pictures (with decent captions) is just plain boring. Half the readers, for example will NOT know what industry jargon like ITB, TPS, MPI, SPI actually mean. Peugeot posts tend to be classics, all those numbers...

You wouldn't believe how long it takes me sometimes to figure out what some members are talking about in their posts! You might have all evening to write the question - I get about 10 minutes over a coffee to answer it, so do try and make my task as easy as you can..

I don't have ANY time for esoteric questions like 'have you ever tried this?' when you haven't even tried it yourself. Do some research before you post. There are an awful lot of what I'd call 'snake oil' solutions around..

Q&A is for real-world things that you personally are engaged with. You should always state the type of engine you're referring to and the vehicle too, and naturally what type of use it's for (road, race, rally).

Please take some time to consider a useful subject/title for your post! It should read like this:

Peugeot 1.6 GTi carburettor jetting question

ie: include make/type of engine and include a reference to the tech issue.

not just 'CARB JETTING QUESTION' with :) or !!!!!!! or ???????????

OK? This is not a Fiat-based website! Readers quite reasonably like to know what engine you're writing about.

Topics regarding any of the following are liable to be deleted:
1. Motorcycle engines or accessories used in cars.
2. 3rd party questions that go something like 'my friend has a such-and-such..'
3. Conversion projects that you haven't even started. I only take projects seriously when I see photos of the car and the engine - stripped!
4. Questions about water/methanol and nitrous injection
5. 'Drifting' or any other rather odd forms of 'motorsport.
6. Questions about parts (especially conrods) of rather 'dubious' origin. Especially if they come from the Far East. Provenance is EVERYTHING with raceparts.

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