I'll just start her up and see what happens..

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I'll just start her up and see what happens..

Post by Guy Croft » August 19th, 2018, 7:42 pm


How do I cope with letters like this???

I do grow tired of being asked for hours of free advice & typing emails and here I offered to advise at my usual consulting rate and was curtly told 'I'll deal with it myself'....

..so if you know so much (which he doesn't) why ask me at all?

"Hello Guy,

I wonder if you could offer some advice on the following?

Many years ago 1994 - you did some work for me on a Lancia Delta 1.6 TC engine. You ported the head and made a baffled low profile sump - it has ‘wings” at the cam wheel end. The engine went in a kit car “Sylva Fury” which just sat in my garage for a long time. I got the car running in 2006 and it sat there again until now. I have decided to sell the car and am trying to get the engine to run.

Being caution I have disconnected all the power taken out the plugs and bumped the engine with a little oil filter oil down the bores. I got it moving and proceeded to turn it over on the starter motor. All sounded fine but I got no oil pressure. I took the oil filter off and even though it was full of oil could see the there had been no flow (it was dry at the top). I stripped the mounting off the side of the block to check out if anything was amiss (the housing has a take off to a remote filter - nothing obvious. Put it all back together still no oil pressure.
I topped up a little oil on the cam box which for some reason has not drained into the sump (bit odd). Before I get to draining the oil and stripping off the front of the engine and the sump would you be able to advise if there is something obvious I should look at? I think there may be an air leak in the oil pump or pick up?

The engine has hardly been run since the work you did many years ago so I am presuming there is no wear and tear. As the car has a modified sump I am guessing you supplied a modified pick up to match - but I am sure it will have conventional gaskets/O rings as the original.

Crossing fingers you can help


Guy Croft, owner

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