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Post by Guy Croft » May 22nd, 2012, 9:34 am

GCRE have recently started race 16v Golf engine prep for Louth VolksWorld in Lincolnshire.


This respectable and well-constituted firm is owned by a talented group of young directors and they have a wide range of capabilities. Their core business is car sales and garage-type services but one new objective they have is involvement in motorsport and we have prepped two race-legal 'blueprinted' 16v engines for them already. To allow in-house testing they have bought a new rolling road recently which will be installed and commissioned very soon. It is a big investment and it shows real commitment so we intend to give them all the support we can.

Here is a vid of Darren Drury (one of the directors) on his second race this year with his newly prepped car and GC engine. For anyone who watches closely - Darren makes no claims to be an expert racing driver - he only has one previous season 'under his belt' with a slower car, but already he is doing very well and getting reliable mid-upper field placings.


P1050248 (1298 x 794).jpg
Darren's race car with very attractive 'carbon fibre effect' paintwork
P1050248 (1298 x 794).jpg (198.2 KiB) Viewed 5871 times

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