Power loss in crankcase

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Power loss in crankcase

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I've heard it from a highly placed source that in the upper echelons of tuning, power loss due to drag from oil in the sump and crankcase is considered to be a matter for close attention.

Of course the engines I'm referring to run very sophisticated dry-sump with crankcase depression and each cylinder section virtually sealed off from another.

There is nothing to stop an individual from dry-sumping his motor and of course on alower budget with a wet sump engine one of the first steps is to build a good baffled sump, keep the oil as far as possible away from the crank.
I'm absolutely not a fan of fiddly crank scrapers, but I have always wondered what effect it might have if you really went to work on the crank and polished and relieved the whole crankcase region to improve drain down and get rid of any sharp bits that oil could cling to. As for crank scrapers they, to me at least fall in the category of, 'hard to fit and keep in place accurately - and a risky thing to have sitting way down in there if it nudges the crank..'

My problem is that these days I get very little time to experiment.

Oil scavenge and drain down - an interesting topic for the forum perhaps, not one I really have a handle on.

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