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Re: Fiat race engine. no horsepower.

Posted: February 3rd, 2014, 12:20 pm
by Guy Croft
With good cams - and I cannot see anything to suggest that yours are not - you could run 38mm chokes on the Dellorto sidedraft 45s. If the engine does not respond to thte DHLA setup with 38mm chokes I would be a bit concerned. Then, maybe I might be a bit unsure about the cams.

I would not use 38mm on downdraft 45 DRLA though. Same with Weber 44IDF, 36m choke maximum.

I did a 16v 131 a while back that gave 197 bhp on 44 IDF with those chokes so you can see that even a relatively small 36mm choke can deliver very high power, it is all to do with the massflow and air velocity.