Winter tyre without studs

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Winter tyre without studs

Post by Honza » February 16th, 2013, 8:09 am

Because of legendary tyre MATADOR SM7 tyre from compound Z1 (shore is about 40 when is -10°C ...)is now wery rare (and even twice expensive than new 6years ago) in central europe and even in eastern countries like Russia, I would like to know, what tyres is used in motorsport competition in winter in another countries , when the tyres with studs are prohibited..

Here in czech are wery popular sports like Autoskijöring and hill climbing on the snow, but studs in tyres are prohibited.. the road legal tyres like Nokian Q or RSI were excelent, but now they are like ordinary winter tyre due to the age of compound (6-8years) and status "NLA" so you cannot purchase new with their excelent properities. I had their replacement Nokian R and they were wery good, but not so like RSI...

I looked for some replacement for mentioned Matadors and I´ve found Advan A034 and Dunlop SP sport 56R..but info was mostly in Japanese...

do somebody know these tyres? or another simmilar? We tried some Fedimas FM7 (same thread lime matador) but even the manufacture claims Shore about 45, it isn´t the rigt compoud for winter competition on the snow...because when we put them to the freezer their Shore rapidly increased...

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Re: Winter tyre without studs

Post by Urbancamo » February 16th, 2013, 2:28 pm

I personally don't know any Motorsport class in Scandinavia where you are not allowed to use studded tyres. I know classes where you must stick with road legal studded M+S tyres, but usually you can use proper race tyres like BF Goodrich ICE GA1, Michelin NA00 or similar. And that's good because the gap between studded race tyres and road legal ones are like apples and oranges.

But the fact is that if you cannot use any studded tyres, the best option is to have M+S tyres like Nokian R or new R2, Continental ContiVikingContact or similar. They are best in the market. There is no way any rally tyre with big chunks of rubber will come even close in grip level.
The careful engineering behind these tyres is unbelievable and they get better and better in every generation. They are close to top notch studded M+S tyres at the moment. The ice is only surface where you are still bit handicapped with these tyres.

Tyres like this are not meant for long term use. Rubber gets hard and grip is gradually lost. In everyday winter use recommended change interwall is something between 4-5 years depending on your mileage.

That's my opinion as Scandinavian driver who drives every day even in the worst winter conditions there is.


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