My Ritmo Abarth

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My Ritmo Abarth

Post by F138 » June 28th, 2006, 7:08 am

Got something to do against the superiority :wink: of the RWDs in this gallery and present my ‚´85 Ritmo Abarth.

(klick on pic to enlarge)

Thats it from the front:

and from the rear:

I like clean cars, so I removed every plastic, spoiler, lights and rear wiper which I can abandon.
Car is fitted with height-adjustable suspension in front (Koni) and monoleaf spring in rear. Some mount points of the front axle are converted to PU or unibal.
Wheels are BBS RS 3-piece 7+8x15 with 195/45, disk brake at the rear.

Engine is 2L with balanced crankshaft/flywheel, lightened/balanced rods and dome pistons. At this moment I‚´m runnig the car with stock head and 45DCOE (for some reason who really don‚´t care), but this situation needs to be changed asap (Air cleaner is not at latest stage):



Funny thing is that I made my own adaptor plates for the 45s, then I got the Workshop Manual and saw that they are stock parts at GC....


A head is already prepared to be used with the Alquati cams I mentioned at another thread:


Best regards from Germany


Oh - forgot my other car which is -believe it or not- my daily driver in summer (ok, I hate to drive it when it rains):




Its a ‚´73 Fiat 127. I‚´m the second owner. No body works neede until now, the shell seems to be 98% rust free

Engine A112 Abarth with 5-Speed, height-adjustable front suspension (Koni) with mono-leaf spring rear. Wheels BBS E30 3-pc 7+8x13 with 175/50.
A lot of fun at the city, terrible at the highway.
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Guy Croft
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Post by Guy Croft » June 28th, 2006, 8:54 am

Hi, that's a nice post Marcus and I like the links to the bigger pictures, well done, good looking well prepped cars there.

Funny isn't it how some people love RWD and others prefer RWD, and then there's of course AWD, not seen any here yet. Like to see a real few left-foot brakers on the site..


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