Supercharged x/9 1300

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Post by Guy Croft » July 3rd, 2006, 3:01 pm

Charlie, hi

that being so, do check for water contamination in the float chamber from time to time.


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Strada 1500mpi sold in Germany

Post by unoracer » July 5th, 2006, 8:41 pm

Charlie wrote:As a matter of interest which Fiat / Lancia models used the 1.5 MPI engine.
I know that a fuel injected version of the 1500 x1/9 was sold in the USA,
but I have not seen any 1.5 MPI engined cars here in Ireland.
8.8 : 1 compression ratio may be a bit high without intercooling for a roots type blower set up.
Hi Charlie,
I bought a 1987 D platefiat strada 1500 MPI for spares a couple of years ago. The car was left hand drive, and had been imported from Germany. I wish I had kept all the injection system now, as I could have experimented with it on my uno race car! Regards, Chris

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Post by Julian » July 5th, 2006, 9:26 pm

The 1300 Uno Turbo engine is in essence the same. It uses a nearly identical head and the same plenum chamber configuration. It also has the lowest compression ratio as stock of any of the variants (that I know of).

The federal specification 1500EFI has a lower compression ratio than any of the european spec cars which makes it rather convenient for low pressure boosting.

The later 1400 injected engines use a slightly different head (without the cutouts in the inlet ports) but this isnt a huge difference. On the other hand the plenum chamber is easier to fit to older carburettor head since it just bolts on.

In terms of the block the turbo variants come fitted with rather useful oil spray nozzles fixed into the mains. Another useful feature for boosted engines. The earlier blocks suffer from a poor gasket seal at one end where a plate is bolted on. The later 1400 (Punto GT) block doesn't have the plate and benefits from fewer leaks as a result.

One of the biggest problems you are likely to face with these engines is the tendency for the sump cavity to pressurise. The telltale is the dipstick popping out - Chris (Unoracer) can attest to this particular issue. It is known to happen on all of the normally aspirated variants but the forced induction versions seem to have better compression ring seals and are not quite so prone.


Post by Acki » July 6th, 2006, 7:54 am

Why you want's to usw the 1.5 MPI electronic? ;)
You can use the 1301cc electronic but the injectors of the 1.5MPI have only 4Ohm (1301cc T 16Ohm).

The head is like the head of the 1372cc T, the 1301cc head is like from 1372 pacer (engine without turbo). Crankshaft and bore make the different and the ratio changes with the pistons they used.
1.5 SPI shall have lower pistons than 1.5 MPI but I must check this when I have time (have both engines, must open them... have no time :( ).

Will built a 1583cc T with this parts.
1.5 MPI block and head with crankshaft from 1372.
Check the ratio. I think 8,5:1 is ok for 1,5 Bar and around 250hp *gg*
With motronic 2.7 from punto gt and a big KKK... :)

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