Spitfire Fiat 2l twincam

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Spitfire Fiat 2l twincam

Post by Piero » July 19th, 2006, 10:03 am

just some pics of my car that I am dry-building, hoping to av it finnished by Jan 2007, as a gift to my self on my big 40 birthday :lol: .
I was one of seven mates who all had these cars in our youth (the only soft top we could afford :( ) well every one eventully sold theres, but I kept mine stored for the 19 odd years, always knowing one day she would av a twin cam.
I found a doner car (131 super mirafiori 2l two door) with a good engine, the body was so rotten, it could not be towed with a towing dolly, instead I endid up hireing a trailer.
The owner of the Fiat, done 19 years for Fiat, and it was at the time his baby, that was untill it got bitten by the rust bug!!!
Home the Fiat came and soon saw me with the engine out and the car scraped,
then came the fun of getting it to fit.
Must point out at this stage, my spit was and still is, one of the soundest stipfires I have ever seen, and I aint just saying that cos it is mine, I do a lot of the triumph shows and never see one like it, so I spent much time with a tape measure working EVERYTHING out before I cut a thing.
I have tried to keep the car looking like it might have if this engine was ever fitted to the car from new, and when it is finnished (after seeing the pics) you might have to agree.
One of the first jobs was to make a big wing sump with trap doors, as this was the first and biggest thing I had to make fit within my chassis.
An other big thing to work out was how far forward the engine would sit.
one way (forward) made more sence as there was a lot less moding, but back made just as much sence because after all the moding, it would all fit and sit better.
so the second opption was put into motion.
this ment turning the Fiat oil filter and block upside down, I did this using a cast iron filter block from a 131 four door, I drilled the oil hole on the oppersit side of the other one, and welded up the original hole, now the oil filter looked up, instead of down.
This lead to me not being able to use the distributor, but as with the twin cam, you have lots oppitions.
I got hold or a beta volumex head and ex side cam monted distributor, that sorted :lol:
with the engine as far back as it could go( manly to avoid the steering rack that sits on the chassis on a sit) I could not use the ofset inlet manifold, the offset would push the carbs to far back and they would foul the bolkhead (for webers) so I maniged to find a strada 130 stort stright inlet manifold, that sorted :lol:
now to the other side, the alternator had to be moved up as well, same problem as on the other side with the oil fillter.
this was a bit easyer using the original alernator (wanting to keep as much Fiat/triumph as possible) and making a bracket for the bottom bolt and using a water pump from the beta and a home made flange, used this to make and hole the alternator ujusting arm.
where the oil filler and alternator went, there used to be a support for the suspention turrits, these had to be cut away and new ones made and fitted a little further back, I also made myself a strut brace that goes from one suspention turit to the other one (around the front of the engine)
next was a bit easyer in that it was all triumpth bits (drive train)
wont boar you but just to say fitted rotoflex rear, (better tyre footprint, and stronger half shafts) fitted latter anti roll bar up front, made and welded brackets for a rear ant-roll bar should I ever feel the need for one, fitted Gt6 bigger brakeing and up-rated vented disks with a genuine triumph servo.
all this work so far has been done intiery buy my self, the only thing I have had made was the roll over bar (and lovely it is to)
lots of little things I have had to do, but to many to mention.
next job on the list is the engine tuning, so I will be posting some question soon.
so have a look and if you have anyting you want to say/add or help with, just post away.
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