ADF 34 on a Fiat 124 CS2

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ADF 34 on a Fiat 124 CS2

Post by guicho » August 22nd, 2012, 10:18 am

I 've got a CS2 with ADHA, not a lot in France.... and there is no specialist here. I need your help .. ;-)
I've bought a 1800 intake + ADF 34.

1/ I don't know what to do with the vacuum canister (the 2 links for fuel vapor..) because there is no connection on the 34 ADF. Do I remove the vaccum canister and block the tank connection?
2/ On the ADF 34, I don't know how to link the distributor vaccum advance because there is no hole in the ADF34.
3/ Last one, do I need to remove and block the air stuff on the cylinder head?

Thank you
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