Alfa 155 Q4 and Lancia engine inter-changeability

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Alfa 155 Q4 and Lancia engine inter-changeability

Post by arguti » August 24th, 2011, 1:12 pm

I am sure some of you have noticed some surplus brand new OE Lancia 2.0 16V turbo engines floating around the net - I am trying to find the equivalent Lancia engine that is the same as the Alfa 155 Q4 engine.

There are different models for the kappa, Delta Integrale, Evo, Fiat Coupe 16v etc etc. I have tried online EPR but the part numbers are completely different. obviously the Fiat 16 Turbo should be more or less the same but is it exactly the same.

Also, for example, some say the Lancia cranks are forged whereas the Q4's are not, what is the truth?

Is the 2.0 16V Kappa engine inter-changeable with the 155Q4? (I realise that sumps etc may need to be changed).

Does anyone have a useful table of which engine goes where and if these have been stored a for a few years how much realistically waht would be needed to re-commission. I ask because having read through my copy of Guy's new book (no138), the sections about preparation and dirt, etc in the workplace makes me wonder about long term storage and corrosion, etc. and whether most of the internals have become museum pieces only! Certainly it has made me clean up my garage!

Apologies if these questions are a bit basic but I have a 1993 Q4 that needs resurrection and trying to work out whether to go down the engine rebuild route and/or maybe a new engine or even have one as a reserve for years to come.

Guy Croft
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Re: Alfa 155 Q4 and Lancia engine inter-changeability

Post by Guy Croft » August 24th, 2011, 2:15 pm

Sorry - no idea, never seen one.


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Re: Alfa 155 Q4 and Lancia engine inter-changeability

Post by Nobby » August 24th, 2011, 3:00 pm

Another car to throw into the mix - the Lancia Dedra Integrale, but alas there are as rare as hens teeth.

There are possible 2 or 3 Fiat Coupe owners have taken on the task of switching to 4wd and utilised a mixed hotch potch of 4wd kit, but this has been with both the 16vt and 20vt engines - and mainly focussing on finding something to fit onto the tipo based chasis (Q4/Dedra bits are relatively bolt on jobs if that helps).

Good look. The 155 Q4s must be pretty rare too, it'd be a shame to lose another.

Chris Burgess
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Re: Alfa 155 Q4 and Lancia engine inter-changeability

Post by WhizzMan » August 26th, 2011, 8:44 am

Hello Arguti, nice to see you here as well.

Some pointers here for others, so they may be able to help out. The Q4 has the same ECU as the Evo2, the engine has waste spark coils and no distributor on the exhaust cam. The turbo of the Evo2 is set up slightly different from the Q4 and the Evo2 has a bigger "elbow" leading to the down pipe. The sump is most likely the same, since both have a 2-part setup with the top part aluminum and the bottom part steel. The inlet plenum differs as well.

These are the things I know about the Q4 engine and the delta. Others most likely will be able to point out differences between more varieties.

Regarding the rebuild or swap question, I'd get either a fresh engine from a reputable source, a second hand Fiat 16VT engine and strip the ancillaries, or rebuild the original engine. Delta Evo2 engines are sought after and the price will most likely be prohibitive, compared to the other options. All the ancillaries that will most differ, can be taken from your current Q4 engine and bolted on the new one. You may get some surprises when there are holes for sensors that shouldn't be there, or you'll have to make them for the Q4 sensors. As far as I'm aware, the 16V main casting used is the same in all engines, so you should be able to adapt if required.
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