Custom roll cage fabrication recommendation request

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Custom roll cage fabrication recommendation request

Post by mark_hmv » Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:10 pm

Can anyone recommend a roll cage fabricator? I am looking to track prep my Fiat Uno and would need a roll cage fabricating and fitting.
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Fiat Uno 1.9
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Guy Croft
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Re: Custom roll cage fabrication recommendation request

Post by Guy Croft » Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:38 pm

hi Mark

some advice from my friend & renowned race car expert John Brown (John Brown Restorations in W Sussex)

"Hi Guy,

depending on whether a bolt in or weld in cage is required I would use the contacts listed below:

Bolt in:

Safety Devices international Ltd (they may also be able to supply weld in)

1 Enterprise Court,

Studlands Park Avenue,




Tel: 01638 560524


Also look on the Demon Tweeks website:

Tel:0843 2032156

They have a range from various manufacturers and useful information.

Weld in:

Custom Cages, (they may also be able to supply bolt in)

Baird Close,

Drayton Fields,



NN11 8RY

Tel: 01327 872 855


These two options will give a good starting point, hope this helps,

Very best wishes,

Guy Croft, owner

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Re: Custom roll cage fabrication recommendation request

Post by Will01 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:42 pm

Safety devices cages are very nice bolt in kits which allow you to meet alot of regs stipulated, but are also nicely put together cages.

I fit my own cage which i purchased from safety devices. They do come with mounting plates etc, which i have to be honest i never used and made much larger paltes to weld into my car so it braced into a large surface area. This is well known if you search online. If you need to pass regs, scrutineers to like to pick up on how large the foot plates are which weld into the car.

As for weld in cages, i know a company called Garage Sinister and they have their shop very closeby to a weld in roll cage fabricator. Can't remember the name of the company, but if you contact Garage Sinister they can handle this for you as they prepare alot of cars for their clients.
The work i have seen from their cage fabricator is top notch and you have the ability to spec as you want, not that expensive either considering the work they do.

Bolt in cage probably circa 500, but you could end up closer to 900 depending on spec(that was for my car) and a weld in probably 1000-1500 depending on spec etc

Hope that helps a little more, good luck
if you want a contact email address pm me and i can pass on my work colleagues details as he is affiliated with the garage

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