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Announcement for GCRE Estate: re. Claims for Parts

Posted: December 24th, 2020, 9:07 am
by Wal
Dear all,
I have been requested to post the following notice on behalf of GCRE Estate. I have no vested interest and please do not respond on the Forum and address all questions via the contact details provided in the notice below.


As you have received this, you will be aware of the very sad passing of Guy Croft. It is his wish, to continue to supply the special parts he provided through his mail order branch of GCRE. A number of his closest friends have stepped in to assist Guy’s wife, Gloria, in honouring his wishes and fulfilling the high demand for components.

Please bear with us during the transition period.

Everyone, who knew Guy, will know he did not accrue debts, was honourable, he never owed anyone anything and paid his dues in full.

In the unlikely event that anyone has a legitimate claim of ownership for mechanical parts, left with GCRE, whether for work to be performed, work in progress, or finished work, please contact us (on the contact details provided below and NOT via the Forum). Please be aware, we will require irrefutable proof relating to the claim. This means Bank Transfers, credit card payments, e-mail correspondence detailing accurate and clear specifics, serial numbers (if for Engine Blocks or Cylinder Heads), part numbers, time and chronological dates for posting or drop off. Additionally, all Special Order parts, which may have long lead times, must be paid for in full.

Without convincing evidence, all goods on the premises will be considered as owned solely by Guy Croft Race Engines Limited and its beneficiaries.

To be considered, claims MUST be submitted, in writing to, by 19:00 hours on the 30th of December 2020. Please ensure your correspondence has been acknowledged, with a written reply. Do not assume it has been received. A case number will be assigned, and must be used in all correspondence.

Thank you.

Best regards

For and on behalf of GUY CROFT RACE ENGINES

Re: Announcement for GCRE Estate: re. Claims for Parts

Posted: January 14th, 2021, 11:42 am
by Wal
Dear all,
the GCRE Estate have asked me to update the notice.

Requesting anyone who has contacted them, to thank then for their patience whilst probate is sorted.

GCRE are planning to continue to offer a number of services, details from them will be forthcoming.

As before all queries to and not via the forum

For and on behalf of GUY CROFT RACE ENGINES