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Post by Guy Croft » May 23rd, 2018, 9:52 pm

Announcement due very soon,

nothing to be afraid of here.

This forum has a small number of paid & accredited posting members. I do have a file of names and addresses according to the published paid membership regime posted her in 'announcements'.

In advance of a declaration under the data protection rules (that I shall declare as soon as I can given that I received no advice from Government or any 'higher authority as the need to devote time to it) I wish to make it crystal clear that whilst I do retain a hard-copy folder with names and addresses of accredited & paid members as submitted to me I never and would never disclose those details to anyone - ever - without first seeking permission via email from the respected member.

I keep a list on my MS Cloud email of paid members.

I don't archive credit/debit card details and I certainly do not offer the details of member or visitors to anyone on the planet for marketing or any other purpose.

As for visitors to the site yes occasionally I ask my admin for a report on the number of hits (which runs into millions each month) but I never examine the stats to track the source. I'm not interested to be honest. If you visit the site - enjoy. It ends there.

I can speak for my admin, QA Webhosting in this regard. I run the site with Phil Day who owns QA. Two people run this site, me and Phil. Phil is as ethical as they come. The site is hosted by a UK company who run their servers on strictly ethical and legal lines. If that were not true I would know by now.

This forum exists to share knowledge, no more than that.

If anyone is concerned about their 'data' here please write me.

Guy Croft, owner

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