recent site outtage

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recent site outtage

Post by Guy Croft » June 29th, 2014, 10:17 am

I am very sorry the site has been down for several days.

The server on which it was hosted was disabled by a DOS (denial of service attack). The company seemed completely unable to restore service which caused terrible problems for my good friend Phil Day of QA Webhosting. The only means I had of publishing this was via my Facebook page.

Thanks to careful backing up by QA and tireless efforts by Phil the site is now back - I hope more or less as it was a few days ago - now hosted on Phil's own server.

Many companies hosted by QA were hit by this and I want to express my thanks to Phil for the precedence he gave this forum and to all members who waited patiently and must have wondered what was going on.


Guy Croft, owner

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