Lancia 2l 8v turbo camshafts

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Lancia 2l 8v turbo camshafts

Post by dzindzan » December 8th, 2010, 2:32 pm

Hello, Guy

I want ask you about Lancia camshafts.

I have Lancia Dedra 2l 8v turbo and I have installed cams from an atmo Lancia engine:
In cam lift 10.033 239 deg
ex cam 10.033 cam lift 239deg

Someone in this forum sells Colomo & Bariani 272 deg 10.3 mm lift, 1.8TDC @ 110, but only intake camshaft.

If I buy it and instal to my engine it would be better than now or no? Also can you tell me that cams will be better installed?

Thank's waiting for your answer

Guy Croft
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Re: Lancia 2l 8v turbo camshafts

Post by Guy Croft » December 8th, 2010, 2:43 pm

You could certainly use the C&B inlet cam but it has more lift near TDC than your current cam and you would have to do the cam timing and check piston-valve clearance, see attachment to this post and:

I would change your ex cam back to a turbo one, the characteristics of the atmo ex cam (lift, lift at TDC, duration) are not suitable for a turbo instalation. You always want a milder ex cam than inlet on a turbo unit. *

The C&B cam will flow a lot more air and it will be vital to check the calibration to stop the engine going lean.


* that is the 'short story'. The long one is in my new book.
Cam timing and fitting data - TC.doc
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