Carter electric fuel pumps

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Carter electric fuel pumps

Post by 1969race125 » Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:35 pm

Excellent low-pressure, high-flow universal rotary vane fuel pumps for carburetor applications, with proven success in high-performance race engines (including my 2L 8V with DHLAs).

Main product website:

A US supplier - a Weber specialist with some interesting technical comments on pump choice and application:

Another US supplier with a broader selection of Carter pumps:

A UK supplier:

There are also several commercial suppliers who sell Carter pumps through an internet auction site and should be able to supply anywhere in the world.

(I don't have any commercial connection with Carter - I've just had success with their product, against a background of disappointment with other makes. I currently use a Carter 4psi 100GPH rotary vane pump.)

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