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Go-Nogo Feeler Gauge - makes measurement easier

Posted: January 26th, 2007, 5:09 pm
by tsetse1986
Guy asked me to post this useful gizmo here.

It is a feeler gauge with both thou" and mm markings. Each blade has a thin tip ground to 2 thou" less than the rest of the blade e.g. 17 thou tip and 19 thou body. When checking a gap, if the tip passes through easily but 'jams' on the step up to the body, then the gap lies between the two markings on the blade. In the above example, the gap would be 18 thou".

I have found this tool makes setting Fiat cam clearences very quick and easy, not to mention tappets on BMC A Series engines.

Go-Nogo feelers can be obtained in Canada from (I think) House of Tools and in UK from Frost ( tel. 01706 658 619) order ref. J130 for ‚£13.50.

And before you ask, no I dont have shares in Frost!

Hope this is of use.

Tim C

Posted: January 27th, 2007, 10:52 am
by sumplug
Frost are near me, and i get their catalogue delivered often. Their range of special tools, and goods for classic/modern cars is excellent. An excellent company to do business with. Well recommended.